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Scam artist continues calls even after police are called

An overseas scam artist isn?t letting a call to the police stop his attempt at convincing a Madison woman that she has an unpaid loan.

The 31-year-old Congress Avenue woman told police the man is pushy and rude and claims to be an IRS agent named Gary Jones. He asked her to purchase a Green Dot prepaid debit card to cover an unpaid loan.

The woman said the man speaks with an Indian accent and is calling from 727-231-1572, which police said is reported to be associated with other scam phone calls.

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23 new Madison restaurants you'll love

Each year brings with it a swath of new eateries, and with new eateries comes excitement. We love what?s fresh and untested but also untainted. Sure, some are more hyped than others (we?re looking at you, Sujeo, Cento, Rare and the Edgewater), but even the low-key taco joints and quaint caf�s offer intrigue?maybe this is the place we?ve been waiting for. Whether it?s a go-to date night spot, an equal parts convenient and tasty takeout joint on the way home from work or the perfect neighborhood bar, the following twenty-three places offer something in the way of excitement, many for more reasons than one, and we couldn?t be happier to welcome them to town.

$ <$10
$$ $10?$15
$$$ $15?$25
$$$$ $25+
(price indicates cost of a dinner entr�e)

Water utility board to consider monthly base charge increase of $2.62

Representatives with Madison Water Utility will be holding a meeting to get input on a proposed rate increase from the public, according to a release.

MWU submitted a rate application last month with the Public Service Commission, asking for a 30 percent revenue increase, officials said.

Base charges would increase for most customers by $2.62 a month, officials said. Usage charges would transition to a conservation rate, which means they would vary depending on the time of year and the amount used.

Customers currently pay $2.81 per 1,000 gallons of water used, but under the conservation rate plan customers would pay $2.96 per 1,000 gallons used during the off-peak season from October to May regardless of how much water is used.

Madison man uses basketball to break racial disparities in community

A recent Race to Equity report showed African Americans in Dane County are still struggling with poverty, education and unemployment.

The Darbo community in Madison has been classified as a troubled area by residents for the last 30 years, further proving the statistics found in the Race to Equity report. Despite the odds, there are proven programs, like Mentoring Positives, that are beating the statistics.

However, the program?s founder, Will Green, said it will take funding to continue to see improvements.

"I know what these kids are going through. I am those kids," Green said.

Green isn't just passionate about basketball; his coaching goes beyond the court at the Salvation Army.

"I just wanted to inspire them to be good people and make good, positive relationships and things can happen," Green said.

Lucky for Green, he had those relationships growing up in Gary, Indiana, at a time when the area was deemed the murder capital of the country.

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Armed men take phones from cell store

Two men robbed a US Cellular store on Madison?s east side Wednesday morning.

Madison police were called to the US Cellular store at 1 Dempsey Rd. shortly after 10:15 a.m. for a report of a robbery.

The robbers made off with a number of phones. A police dog found a track for a couple of blocks, but no suspects were found.

Drunken man pulls knife on Metro bus, police say

A drunken man forced the evacuation of a Metro bus when he pulled a knife on a woman, police said.

Madison police said Moses L. Davis, 53, pulled the knife as the bus rolled east on Milwaukee Street at about 7 p.m. Tuesday.

A woman on the bus told the driver she was talking with the man when he pulled the knife.

Police removed Davis when the bus arrived at the East Transfer Point. Officers said a folding knife was found in his front pocket.�

Police: Men agree to give man ride, rob him

A Madison man told police he was robbed by four men who had agreed to drive him to Baraboo to meet up with a girl.

The 27-year-old told police he was attempting to hail a cab at a gas station on East Washington Avenue on Saturday night when the men offered to drive him to Sauk County for $100.

Instead of going to Baraboo, he said he was forced out of their vehicle on Declaration Lane and punched while the men took his money and cellphone.