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Police: Cats thrown from car going 50 mph | Community Spirit

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Police: Cats thrown from car going 50 mph
Police: Cats thrown from car going 50 mph

Police said a Good Samaritan driving on Madison's east side last week helped keep two cats safe after he saw them thrown from a moving car.

The Madison Police Department said a 24-year-old Madison man was driving on South Stoughton Road at 2:30 p.m. on March 24. The man was behind a small dark car going about 50 mph when he saw what he thought was a white plastic bag flying out of the passenger window. Moments later, a second object flew from the window.

Police spokesman Joel DeSpain said the 24-year-old stopped, picked up the cats and took them to a local animal clinic where his mother works.

Staff at the veterinary hospital told police the cats checked out OK. They were able to identify the animals -- Tubbs, the white feline who deaf, and Mambo, a tiger-patterned kitty -- and their owner through microchips implanted in the pets.

Staff called police and the Dane County Humane Society because they were concerned the owner may have been involved in the incident. Police met with the 62-year-old Madison woman who owned the cats and she started crying when she heard what happened.

"She had reported her pets missing but had no idea who would treat them in such a cold and callous manner," DeSpain said. "She was very thankful to be getting them back."

The owner told police there is a cat door on her home allowing Tubbs and Mambo to go outside.

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