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Four Lakes Wildlife Center Releases Snowy Owl | Community Spirit

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Four Lakes Wildlife Center Releases Snowy Owl
Four Lakes Wildlife Center Releases Snowy Owl

Dane County Humane Society’s Four Lakes Wildlife Center recently released a snowy owl that had been receiving treatment since last December. 

After a short time in an indoor cage to allow stabilization of his condition, the owl was moved to an outdoor pen where he was much more comfortable in the colder temperatures.  

The wildlife program staff and lead rehabilitators continued to monitor his recovery and steady weight gain.  

Once the owl's weight had stabilized, he was transferred into a large flight cage where he was able to have space to allow for flight conditioning.  As spring neared and the temperature started climbing, shelter staff knew it was time for him to begin his journey north to his natural home in the tundra. 

The snowy owl had originally been found at a farm near Monroe. This was the first snowy owl the humane society’s wildlife rehabilitation program has ever seen since the program began in 2002.  When he arrived, the snowy owl was thin and significantly underweight.  Initial x-rays also showed the owl had a previous wing fracture.

To donate to the many wild animals receiving care or for additional information on DCHS’s Four Lakes Wildlife Center, please visit giveshelter.org.

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