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Annual safety demo event returns to Capitol Square

Annual safety demo event returns to Capitol Square

An annual event hosted by area public safety groups returns to downtown Madison this weekend.

Each year, Safety Saturday provides an opportunity to demonstrate safe behaviors and teach people how to live, work and play safely, according to a city notice.

The event runs from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday on the Capitol Square and includes interactive demonstrations for all ages, organizers said. 

Safety Saturday is a cooperative effort between the City of Madison Fire Department and more than 25 public and private organizations throughout Dane County, fire department spokeswoman Bernadette Galvez said.

The event educates people of all ages, teaching them how to make safe decisions, prevent injuries and use devices such as seat belts, bike helmets, AEDs, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.

Police: Bone exposed after knife attack

Police: Bone exposed after knife attack

A 25-year-old Madison suffered knife injuries to his head and arm during a disturbance inside an apartment Thursday morning.

Police were called to the apartment in the 3800 block of Orin Road at 3:05 a.m. and found the victim with injuries, including a cut to his arm exposing bone.

Police said several men stay at the apartment and the victim wasn't fully cooperative with police.

The man was taken to a hospital for non-life-threatening injuries.

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Masked gunman robs Horseshoe bar, police say

Masked gunman robs Horseshoe bar, police say

Police said an east side bar was robbed by a masked gunman early Thursday.

The Madison Police Department said the masked robber entered the Horseshoe Bar on Dempsey Road at 12:38 a.m. and demanded money from the till. He fled on foot.

Witnesses told police he was armed with a handgun.

According to the report, the robber was between 5 feet 9 inches and 5 feet 11 inches tall, with a thin to average build and between 25 to 35 years old.

Man struck by Metro bus, dies

Man struck by Metro bus, dies

A 68-year-old man died after he got off a Metro bus and was hit Monday night, according to a release from Madison police.

Police said the man was getting off the bus near East Washington Avenue and East Springs Street just before midnight when he fell into an area near the rear bus wheel and gutter. The bus driver stopped after the bus made contact and called police.

The man was pronounced dead at a hospital.

"Apparently there's nothing this driver could have done to prevent what took place. It's a traffic accident where we had someone who was intoxicated, someone who was drinking on the bus," Madison police spokesperson Joel DeSpain said.

Bus video shows the man putting alcohol in his coffee on board, officials said. When he exited, he took several steps away from the bus, and then stumbled back into the path of the vehicle.

Suspected 'McGyver' bomb at school inert, authorities say

Suspected 'McGyver' bomb at school inert, authorities say

Authorities said a suspected "McGyver" bomb found near an east side Madison school Tuesday night turned out not to be a safety hazard. Police said the department did not believe students or staff at the school were in danger.

The Madison fire and police departments said a custodian found a suspicious plastic soda bottle at Hawthorne Elementary School on Concord Avenue at 7:11 p.m.

The fire department said the 20-ounce bottle of diet soda half full with a purple liquid was in the school's parking lot.

Police officers were first on scene first and coned off the area. A fire department hazardous incident team member thought the bottle appeared to be a "McGyver" bomb and that the purple liquid might be toilet bowl cleaner, according to a release from the fire department. Police said there have been cases where liquid-filled plastic bottle have contained harmful household chemicals which can explode under certain conditions.

FBI to host threat-response training at East Towne Mall

FBI to host threat-response training at East Towne Mall

The FBI will be holding a training exercise with local law enforcement teams at East Towne Mall Sunday night, according to a release.

The Milwaukee Division of the FBI will host a training exercise to simulate a complex incident in a public venue, officials said. The exercise will be at East Towne Mall after normal business hours.

The FBI is partnering with federal, state and local law enforcement, fire, emergency medical services and the private sector to conduct exercises at local malls across the country as the final phase of the Complex Mall Attack Initiative, according to the release. The initiative was developed to promote preparedness.

In 2013 all FBI field offices hosted discussions with public safety and private sector partners that focused on preparedness, response and recovery effort necessary to address a complex attack, officials said.

Citizens take away keys of alleged drunken driver

Citizens take away keys of alleged drunken driver

A Madison man was arrested on Madison?s east side for his fifth drunken driving offense, officials said.

Police responded to the 2600 block of South Stoughton Road around 2:20 p.m. on April 10 for reports of an intoxicated driver, according to a release.

Witnesses told police Paul Borman, 49, parked his vehicle in an odd way, and reported that his vehicle was blocking the entry and exit of other vehicles attempting to access a commercial parking lot.

Borman was seen getting out of his vehicle, staggering and stumbling forward, according to the release. Witnesses thought alcohol might be involved so they took his keys to stop him from driving.

Police said they could smell alcohol more than 5 feet away from Borman when they were talking with him.

Some alcohol cans were found inside Borman?s vehicle and he was taken into custody, according to the release. He was arrested on tentative charges of his fifth-offense operating while intoxicated.