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3 family members represent USA on Olympic team

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We're just weeks away from the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia and once again Madison will be represented on the U.S. Olympic team.

Craig Brown of Madison is an alternate on the men's curling team headed to Sochi next month.

"It's exciting," said Brown. "I've tried for a long time with my own team and we've had a lot of success but never quite come out on the Olympic side."

But he's not the only Brown repping the red, white and blue.

"My sister is going as the skip of the women's team, so now I get to go and watch her and be a part of the men's team," Brown said�.

His sister, Erika, who was born and raised in Madison but now lives in Canada, will play in her third Olympics this year.

But lest you think the family talent ends there, Erika and Craig's father, Steve is also a coach for the Paralympic team.

City workers prepare to battle bitter cold

City workers prepare to battle bitter cold

The cold had many people preparing to stay indoors the next few days, but that's not the case for everyone. For Madison Streets Division workers, it will be another day of work. 

City of Madison Streets Superintendent Chris Kelley said any delays to streets pick up will put an extra strain on workers. 

"We pick up every day, so if we go two days without (service), the third day, it'll take us quite awhile to get caught up," Kelley said. 

Streets Machine Operator Leroy Grieshammer said the cold weather will create a few changes, but won't stop him or his coworkers from getting the job done. The team members shorten their outdoor rotation times from 30 minutes to every 15 to keep from getting too cold. 

"We can always get back in the truck and warm up for a little bit, then continue on," Grieshammer said. 

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Madison Utilities: Make sure your pipes are protected

Madison Utilities: Make sure your pipes are protected

Madison Water Utility officials are hoping a few quick tips will help residents avoid costly -- and dangerous pipe bursting accidents during the extreme cold.

According to a release, MWU has initiated emergency water shut-offs at six unoccupied homes because of burst pipes. But, officials say there are a few simple steps customers can take.

  • If you have heating tape around pipes, make sure it's plugged in.
  • Double-check that outdoor spigots are off and all hoses are disconnected.
  • Insulate pipes in unheated areas.
  • Leave some heat on in unused areas of the home.
  • Keep the thermostat on at least 55 degrees if you're going out of town
  • If leaving town for extended period of time, have pipes winterized.

According to the release, all family members and household residents should know where the main water shut-off valve in the home is in case of a burst pipe.

Water utility readies for possible main breaks

The city water utility said dropping temperatures early next week could tie up crews fixing water main issues.

Madison Water Utility spokeswoman Amy Barrilleaux said crews have been busy repairing three water mains that broke Thursday night due to cold weather.

The water utility has�dealt with an increased number of breaks this year due to the sudden cold�in December combined with a lack of deep, insulating snow cover to start the season.

"(In Madison, main breaks have) been pretty spread out everywhere -- the near east, far east, isthmus, near west and far west," Barrilleaux said in an email Friday.

With lows predicted to dip into temperatures around 25 degrees below zero with wind chills as cold as minus 40 to minus 55 by Monday morning, Barrilleaux said it's possible more water main issues could arise.

Group robs teen in east side park

Group robs teen in east side park

Police said a group of teens robbed a 16-year-old Monday afternoon at an east side Madison park. 

The Madison Police Department said the 16-year-old was walking at about 3:45 p.m. in Heritage Heights Park on Meadowlark Drive when he was approached by two young men. The victim told police one of the men had a weapon. 

The robbers took the 16-year-old's wallet, cell phone and iPod, then got into a car and drove away. The victim told police two other teens, both males, were waiting by the car while he was robbed by the two youths in the park. 

Police described one of the robbers as black, in his teens, 5 feet 9 inches tall, weighing 140 to 150 pounds. He wore a black and gray sweater with horizontal stripes. 

The other robber was described as black, 15 to 16 years old, 6 feet tall, between 150 and 160 pounds. He had crooked teeth, curly hair, a thin build and was wearing a black jacket, according to the report. 


City warns residents to take precautions in bitter cold

City warns residents to take precautions in bitter cold

Amid forecasts of extreme cold in the next few days, the city of Madison said residents should take precautions to stay safe and be vigilant for the well-being of others. 

News 3 Chief Meteorologist Gary Cannalte said low temperatures Thursday will fall into the teens below zero with wind chills as cold as minus 30. Wind chill advisories go into effect Thursday evening and continue through Friday morning.

Friday will be partly sunny and windy with high temperatures in the mid-teens and wind chills as cold as minus 15.

The city suggested several precautions residents should take during the extreme cold, including:

Madison shelters near capacity as bitter cold hits


On a night where the wind chills in Madison were expected to drop to -25 degrees, newly homeless Brian Currie found himself on line at the men's drop-in shelter at Grace Episcopal Church.

He wasn't alone: Waiting with him was about 170 other homeless men.

"Trying to stay as warm as you can, and it's hard to do," Currie said.

Currie lost his home just days ago, and while he?s waiting to have a new permanent roof over his head, he had no choice but to turn to shelters to keep him out of the cold.

Cane in hand, Currie and the others lined up for the drop-in shelter. The cold makes it harder for Currie to walk, but he knew the alternative would be staying outside for the night.

"This is actually the coldest day that we've had, but it's supposed to be like this for the next four or five days," Currie said. "So it's going to be rough, but I think we'll all make it."