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Madison suspends mattress, box spring recycling

The city of Madison is suspending its mattress and box spring recycling program nine months after it started because of the loss of its recycling partner.

The program diverted 111 tons of mattresses and box springs before the recycler went out of business. The materials will now be sent to a landfill.

The city will no longer charge a fee for collection of mattresses or box springs. Residents can get refunds for unused fee stickers or they can be used to cover recycling fees for TVs, computers and computer monitors.

City officials said they will continue to look for other recycling options for mattresses and box springs.

Residents interested in getting a refund can call 608-266-4681.

2 staff members struck in fight at East High School

Two staff members were punched and five students were arrested in a fight at East High School.

Madison police said the fight broke out between three female students Wednesday afternoon in a cafeteria.

The officer and staff members were struck trying to break up the fight.

Earline A. Mays, 17, was arrested on suspicion of battery to school employees and disorderly conduct. Dashawn L. Phipps, 18, was arrested on suspicion of disorderly conduct. John W. McGee, 18, was arrested on suspicion of disorderly conduct and obstructing. Tyesha C. Walker, 18, was arrested on suspicion of battery and disorderly conduct. A 16-year-old girl was arrested on suspicion of battery to school employees and disorderly conduct.

NOTE: An earlier version of this story stated that a police officer was also beaten in the incident. Police have updated their report to state that no officer was struck.

A school board vet steps down, firefighter takes her spot

Michael Flores will take over as one of the new school board members for the Madison school district following his election Tuesday. The race between the firefighter/EMS and retired police officer Wayne Strong was the only contested school board race for the Madison Metropolitan School District.

The race wasn't close. Flores got 63 percent of the vote, winning 15,425 to 9,183.

The vote makes Flores the only Hispanic board member.

"I've heard from the community that it is a representation that is wanted and needed, so I look forward to doing so, but I look forward to serving everyone in our community," Flores said.

Flores said he wants to focus on bringing students services in school and opportunities out of school that they might need to succeed.

Madison honor student spared an expulsion

Melissa Meyer paced the halls of the Doyle Administration Building on the other side of closed doors.

?All she wants to do is go to school tomorrow morning,? Meyer said.

Meyer?s fourteen-year-old daughter Maia is an honor student at East High School. About six weeks ago, she admitted to bringing a few ounces of bourbon on campus and giving some to a friend.� Since then, Meyer has been by her daughter?s side for hearings and long days at home.

?She made a mistake and should have consequences,? Meyer said.� ?The problem is that these, the consequences that they're meeting out are completely out of proportion with the crime.?

Meyer hired attorney Jeff Spitzer-Resnick to represent the family as they fought the recommendation to expel Maia.

?It was pure punishment.� No discretion, no teaching,? Spitzer-Resnick said.

Planned burns on public lands for spring 2014

The Department of Natural Resources will be conducting burn on public lands this spring in south central Wisconsin, they said in a statement.

All planned burns are weather dependent. Crews are unsure if they will complete all panned burns this season, the Wisconsin Department of Natural resources said.

DNR biologists will start their spring burning schedule as weather permits. Typically, the spring burning season begins in April and extends into mid-May but local weather conditions can lead to an earlier start or a later finish to burning efforts. Burns not completed this spring may be done next fall or winter.

"Controlled or prescribed burning is an ecological and economical method of limiting exotic and unwanted brush invasions that crowd out native vegetation," the state DNR said.

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Woman accused of child neglect and intentional child abuse

A Madison woman is accused of child neglect and intentional child abuse, according to court documents.

Janet L. Zabry, 33, was charged Friday in Dane County with three counts of child neglect and one charge of intentional child abuse.

A criminal complaint said Madison Police Department Officer Amanda Analla and other officers went to a trailer home on Dutch Mill Road in Madison on March 21 to check on the living conditions of three children -- a 2-year-old girl, 2-year-old boy and 14-year-old girl -- at the residence.

Analla reported that the conditions in the trailer were deplorable.

"I could smell a strong odor of urine and feces in the residence. It was very overwhelming,? Analla said, according to the criminal complaint.

"I did observe a naked [2-year-old] child sitting in a chair that appeared to be covered in dirt," Analla continued.

Woman loses $4,500 in scam over Facebook

Woman loses $4,500 in scam over Facebook

A Madison woman lost $4,500 when she was contacted on Facebook by a scam artist who convinced her she had won $1 million.

The 70-year-old east side woman told police she was first contacted on March 1 and was told she won a Publishers Clearing House drawing.

She was initially contacted on Facebook and then received numerous text messages and phone calls.

She was told that to receive the prize she first needed to pre-load MoneyPak cards and was given various reasons for the request.

The woman took out 10 cards and gave the security code to the criminals before she realized she had been ripped off.

Publishers Clearing House confirmed the woman had not won a prize and advised her to call police.