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City Announces Far East Madison Road Closure

City Announces Far East Madison Road Closure

The 3000 block of South Commercial Avenue will be closed starting on Wednesday, April 20, according to the city of Madison.

South Commercial is the frontage road between Webb Avenue and Rethke Avenue on the city's far east side.

Officials said the the closure is due to emergency road repairs. 

The road will be closed through Friday, April 22. 

Access to businesses will remain open from Webb Avenue and Rethke Avenue, city officials said.

Motorists are encouraged to use different routes to avoid delay during this project.

WisDOT To Paint Lanes On Badger Interchange

WisDOT To Paint Lanes On Badger Interchange

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation will be painting pavement markings Thursday afternoon at the Badger Interchange on Madison's far east side.

Crews will be working on I-94 from the Badger Interchange to Highway N.

The moving operation will run from 1 to 3 p.m.  

Motorists should drive with caution and be prepared to make lane changes in the area of the work, officials said.

Interstate Traffic To Be Rerouted Near Cottage Grove

Interstate Traffic To Be Rerouted Near Cottage Grove

Interstate 94 traffic in Dane County is expected to be switched to the Interstate’s westbound lanes early Tuesday, March 8.

Four lanes of traffic, two in each direction, will be routed to the newly constructed westbound lanes and separated by a median barrier.

The traffic switch is part of the ongoing reconstruction between Madison and Cottage Grove. The eastbound lanes will be under construction for the year. The project is scheduled for completion in November.

Speeds are reduced to 55 miles per hour. Motorists are advised of potential traffic slowdowns near the work zone.

Metro To Close East Transfer Point For Repairs

Metro To Close East Transfer Point For Repairs

Due to roof maintenance and repair, the East Transfer Point shelter area will be temporarily closed.

Passengers are directed to board buses on East Corporate Drive.

Schedules will not be affected during maintenance work.

The exact start date has not yet been determined, but repairs are expected to begin in the coming days, Metro Bus officials said.

Madison Crews Continue To Clear Snow

Madison Crews Continue To Clear Snow

City of Madison crews are still working to clean up all the snow that was dumped by a massive blizzard a week ago.

With the exception of a few hours during the Super Bowl, crews for the Madison Streets Division have been out around the clock, working on clearing major arterials, especially around the isthmus area.

"The most challenging we got is the near city, the isthmus area, basically. The area around the zoo that has very narrow streets, 20- to 24-foot wide streets, with parking on both sides. We can't get emergency vehicles down and that's where we're really focusing on," said Al Schumacher, of the Madison Streets Division.

Snow Emergency Towing Plan Announced

The city of Madison will be ticketing and towing vehicles on selected streets in the downtown/Isthmus area of the city starting Wednesday evening. Towing is necessary to get streets plowed to the curb so emergency vehicles can get through.

Cars parked illegally on the following streets will be towed starting at 1 a.m. on Feb. 3. 

Street Light Proposed Near New Great Dane Pub

Street Light Proposed Near New Great Dane Pub

The city Traffic Engineering Department has recommended that a stop and go light be added to the corner of North Star Drive and Cottage Grove Road. The corner, which is located in the McClellan Park Neighborhood, is near the recently opened Great Dane Pub.

Alder Lauren Cnare described the impact on some of the other surrounding neighborhoods. She said for those who live in Grandview Commons area, it will ease getting in and out of the neighborhood.

For those further west on Cottage Grove Road in the Heritage Heights and Elvehjem Neighborhoods, she said it will ideally slow the speeding barrage of cars coming from the east.

Comments about the addition of a street light at the corner should be directed to the McClellan Park Neighborhood.